Process of Assignment

>>1. Putting down an offer (can be firm or with conditions). Deposit to be delivered within 24H after acceptance of offer.

>>2. If there are conditions (e.g: financing, lawyer review). Prepare 3-5 business days to have conditions waived.

>>3. Conditions are waived. Deal is FIRM.

>>4. Assignor's lawyer submits request of assignment to builder. Assignee/Assignor sides both prepare neccessary documentation for builder to review.

>>5. If everything is good, builder will send consent document to both parties to sign. Assignee is to bring balance funds to lawyer's trust account at this time or otherwise stated in agreement.

>>6. Builder executes the assignment agreement. Deal is CLOSED. Assignor is to retrieve all monies payable to them at this time or otherwise stated in agreement.

>>Learn more about the benefits of assignments to both sellers and buyers in our FAQ's tab!